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Octagonal Metal Ring Gasket

Octagonal Metal Ring Gasket


Octagonal metal ring gasket is an octagonal solid metal gasket made of metal material by forging, heat treatment and mechanical processing. It has the function of radial self-tightening sealing. It is one of the standard R-type metal ring gaskets. Its working principle is that the gasket contacts the inside and outside (mainly the outside side) of the flange ladder groove, and the sealing effect is formed by pressing.


Octagonal metal ring gasket is installed in ladder ring groove of flange surface. When the connecting bolt is tightened, it is compressed axially and the upper and lower ladder groove is tightened, resulting in plastic deformation, forming a ring seal belt and establishing the initial seal. After boosting, under the action of medium pressure, the ring cushion expands radially. Gasket and trapezoidal groove inclined surface are more tightened, resulting in self-tightening effect. However, the increase of medium pressure will also deform the flange and connecting bolt, resulting in the relative separation of sealing surfaces and the relative decrease of gasket sealing ratio. Therefore, the ring gasket can be considered as semi-self-tight seal. Octagonal metal ring gaskets are usually used in high temperature and high pressure steam, gas, solvent flange, tower groove, pressure vessel, high speed joint surface, high temperature and high pressure valve, cap, wellhead device in petroleum and natural gas industry and seal on oil production tree.


1. High temperature and high pressure resistance, suitable for high pressure flange;

2. Sealing is durable and reliable.

3. Suitable for working conditions where pressure and temperature fluctuate;

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