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Nylon Dock Line

Nylon Polyester Dock Rope

Nylon Dock Line


1.Material: nylon(polyamide)

2.Specification: the core and cover is constructed from high quality and strength nylon, and it has two types including braid and strand

3.Applications: light weight dingy and mooring equipment

4.Advantages: this kind of dock line is easy to handle, its’ high quality material, torque-balanced construction and a unique stabilization process makes it long-wearing, easy-to-handle line that resists kinking. We can also provide the double braid nylon dock line for you

5.Packing:Packaged with bags, standard export carton or on your  requirement.

6.Certifications: ABS, CCS, ISO, NK, BV, LR, RS, etc.

7. Notes: Special specification and marks can be made according to customers requirements

Mooring rope in factory:

Nylon Polyester Dock Rope

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