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Marine Toaster

Marine Toaster


Marine toaster is a kitchen device used to heart bread. It is suitable for small and medium vessels. It is made of stainless steel construction. It equipped with high quality heating material, which can heat bread quickly and evenly. There are five models that you can choose. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us.


  • Completely stainless steel construction
  • With High quality heating material
  • Five models
  • With a timer for control


Model Voltage Rating Size Net Weight
HSQ4E 220V/1P/50-60Hz 2kW 330×220×235mm 5kg
HSQ40E 220V/1P/50-60Hz 3kW 460×210×225mm 6kg
HSQ-300 220V/1P/50-60Hz 2kW 450×790×385mm 27kg
HSB4E 220V/1/50Hz 2kW 370×210×225mm 5kg
HSB6E 220V/1/50Hz 6kW 460×210×225mm 6kg

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