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Marine Telescopic Boom Crane

MarineTelescopic Boom Crane

Marine Telescopic Boom Crane

Marine telescopic boom cranes are based on a pedestal slewing design with hydraulic cylinder luffing. The boom extension is a telescopic internal cross section that allows for a more flexible and wider operating radius and allows the crane to be stored in a tight position. Marine telescopic boom cranes are suitable for general cargo handling and service operation of ships on the sea. They are versatile and are committed to harsh environmental conditions.

Marine telescopic boom cranes have the advantage of being able to operate with the boom tip closer to the load, thereby reducing the pendulum effect. They also require less space for stowage than a fixed length boom. Considering the different requirements of customers, specific product specifications can be designed.

Main Technical Parameter

Safe Working Load Max Working
Hoisting Speed Slewing Speed

Electric Motor


kN m m/min m/min kW
5 5 15 1 3
10 0.8
15 0.6
20 0.5
10 6 15 1 5.5
12 0.8
18 0.6
24 0.5
15 6 15 1 11
12 0.8
18 0.6
24 0.5
20 6 15 1 11
12 0.8
18 0.6
24 0.5

Drawing of Marine Telescopic Boom Crane

Telescopic Boom Crane

The products approved by CCS,DNV-GL,BV,ABS,NK,RINA,etc.

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