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Marine Sewage Treatment Plant

Marine Sewage Treatment Plant

Marine Sewage Treatment Plant

1. Marine Sewage Treatment Plant Instructions

(1) This marine sewage treatment plant is suitable for discharging ship’s domestic waste water in any water area.

(2) This marine sewage treatment plant flushing water is applicable to seawater(Salinity 0 ~ 35000 PPM) and fresh water.

(3) Sewage is means:

- Drainage and other waste of any type toilets and urinal;

- The basin and wash tub in the infirmary(dispensary and sick room)and the drainage from drain hole in these places;

- The drainage from the places of living poultry; Or other waste water mixed with the above mentioned drainages.

(4) Grey water means: dishwater, kitchen sink water, shower water, laundry water, bath water and wash face water, not including the sewage and effluent of cargo space in article 3.

(5) The water discharging for this device meets the IMO standard. The water discharging meets the international stipulated discharging standard, and accords with the request of MEPC Resolution 227(64) of International Maritime Organization Environmental Committee (VI) and International waste liquid discharging standard.

2. Marine Sewage Treatment Plant General Introduction

    The method of combining catalytic oxidation, the MBR membrane biological treatment and physical disinfection sterilization is adopted in the WCBx series domestic sewage treatment plant; it treats the domestic sewage of kitchens, W.C., and base room from ship. Since filler is set in the aeration chamber, the chlorine adding sterilization is adopted, so compare with the products of the same kind, it has the characteristics of small cubage, light weight, compact structure and without secondary pollution. The discharged water after the treatment of the device has reached the effluent standard stipulated internationally, and it accords with the requirement of Resolution MEPC.227(64) of International Marine Organization Environmental Protection Commission, and international waste fluid effluent standard.

3. Marine Sewage Treatment Plant Main Technical Parameters

(1) A geometric mean of no more than 100 thermotolerant coliforms/100ml;

(2) A geometric mean of total suspended solids is 35 Qi/Qe mg/L;

(3) A geometric mean of 5-day Biochermical Oxygen Demand (BOD5) of no more than 25 Qi/Qe mg/L;

(4) A geometric mean of Chemical Oxygen Demand of no more than 125 Qi/Qe mg/L;

(5) PH of the effluent is between 6 and 8.5;

(6) Total Nitrogen≤20Qi/Qe mg/l or at least 70% loss;

(7) Total Phosphorus≤1Qi/Qe mg/l or at least 80% loss.

4. Details Refer To Treatment Flow Chart Of The Marine Sewage Treatment Plant

5. Several Class Certificates Of The Marine Sewage Treatment Plant Supplying

ABS, BV, DNV, GL, KR, RINA, NK,USCG, and CCS class certificates

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