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Marine Potato Peeler

Marine Potato Peeler


Marine potato peeler is a professional equipment used to remove the peel. It is suitable for all kinds of vessels. This machine is completely made of stainless steel construction which is durable and corrosion resistant. It also equipped with timer control, which makes users easy to operate. What’s more, marine potato peeler is space-saving, high-efficient, and low breakage. There are six models that you can choose from. If you have any question about our products, welcome to contact us.


  • Completely stainless steel construction
  • High- speed water protection motor
  • Additional stainless steel standing foundation with filter
  • High efficiency, durable
  • Additonal Sus floor standing foundation with filter(opional)


Model Voltage Capacity Rating Size Weight
HSA-8A 110V-1P-60Hz 8kg 0.75kW 410×550×1100mm 50kg
HSA-15A 110V-1P-60Hz 15kg 0.85kW 520×640×1220mm 60kg
HSB-10A 220V/1/50Hz 10kg 0.75kW 320×440×1140mm 58kg
HSB-15A 220V/1/50Hz 15kg 0.95kW 380×460×1350mm 65kg
HSQ-15Q 220V/1P/50-60Hz 15kg 0.75kW 575×430×1085mm 58kg
HSQ15/S 380-440V/3P/50-60Hz 15kg 0.75kW 575×430×1085mm 58kg

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