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Marine Platform Steel Grating

Marine Platform Steel Grating


Platform steel grating (flat steel center spacing 30mm) is the most commonly used type in industrial field.The center distance of the load-bearing flat steel of this series of steel plates is 30mmwhich complies with the America standard.It is most resistant to surface impact.It is widely used in ref20×525×532×332×540×540×350×565×575×6100×8100×0ineries, sewage treatment plants, warehouses, chemical plants and highway terminals.

Flats Steel: The material is Q235 or 304 stainless steel.There are common planar type, non-slip tooth type and section I type.regular size:20×525×532×332×540×540×350×565×575×6100×8100×0,etc.

Cross-bar: It is made of stainless round steel,twisted square steel,square steel or hexagonal steel. regular size:5×56×68×8mm.


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