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Marine Pilothouse Chair

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Marine Pilothouse Chair


1. Lifting column is made of steel and stainless steel synthetic;

2. Steel structure is used for seat lifting and tilting, moving back and forth, back angle adjusting;

3. Steel inner core and PU cold foam one-time forming sponge synthetic is used in seat back and seat cushion, and the surface is leather or cloth;

4. Pedals makes use of steel plate inner core and environmentally friendly rubber synthetic;

5. German Stabilus is utilized in pneumatic lifting core components pneumatic bar.


1. The design is ergonomic;

2. Backrest and headrest are adjustable;

3. Seat height angle are adjustable;

4. Seat can be moved back and forth;

5. Comfortable armrests are foldable/angle-adjustable;

6. Seat can rotate 360 degrees, multi-point positioning;

7. Foot pedal is height-adjustable / foldable;

8. Column can go up and down vertically.

Function data

1. Upper part of the seat can move back and forth 120mm; the adjustable height  is 60mm; and seat inclination angle range is ±12°;

2. The adjustable angle of seat backrest is 85°-150°; headrest can adjust up and down 50mm; armrest is under the control of multi-point positioning;

3. The seat pneumatic lifting regulating range is 0-150mm;

4. The seat can rotate 360°and be locked and it is controlled by 4-point positioning;

5. Seat pedal can rotate 90°and rotate back, and its up and down position adjustment range is 0-50mm;

6. Seat can bear more than 150FT.LB torsion, reaching the AD grade standard.

IACS Certificate: CCS Type Approval.

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