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Marine Medium Pressure Air Compressor

Marine Medium Pressure Air Compressor

Marine Medium Pressure Air Compressor

Product Description

The type of this marine air compressor is single-row,air-cooled and secondary compression piston type,the displacement capacity is 10 m3/h,the specified discharge pressure is 3.0 Mpa. This kind of marine air compressor is especially suitable for making the ships operate reliably in emergency situations,it is necessary for ensuring that the ships'navigation is safe.The diesel-engine model is KM178F.

Product Features

The main engine of marine air compressor is general,it is equipped with a marine air-cooled diesel engine.The starting way is to pull the centrifugal clutch with hand.It is easy to operate.
HI-SEA marine air compressor has features of high efficiency,light weight,small volume,low noise and reliable operation,meanwhile ,the functions of manual or automatic stop,start,unloading and pressure. Relief are available.

Customers orders are available
1.The two main engines'each control function.
2.The temperature control function.
3.The inlet pressure controller.
4.The exhaust outlet high pressure hose.

(Note:more marine air compressors can be offered according to your special requests.)

ABS,CCS,BV,DNV-GL,RINA,etc.They can be offered along with marine air compressor.

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