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Marine Electric Fire Damper

Marine Electric Fire Damper

Marine Electric Fire Damper

1. Features
Control voltage DC24V/AC220V/AC110V is supplied, the fire damper should normal open dan close on outage;
Central control room can cut off the electric souce to close the fire damper in emergency, and reconnect the power to open the fire damper again;
If the temperature of air within damper duct exceeds 70±3℃ or outside air temperature around duct near 95℃, the fusible link damper will be broken to close the fire damper;
On/off signal output when the fire damper is open/close.
2. Functions

Control method

Power driven+manual+overtemperature shutdown

Control unit

Electric actuator


AC24-240V, 50/60Hz DC24-125V

Installation type

Bulkhead type/deck type

Fire resistance rating


Control mode

Local/remote cable control

Switch working angle of valve plate


Switch indication

Mechanical/remote open or close signal

Turn-off time

Ordinary type: 20s

Quick closing type: 2s

Overtemperature shutdown




Air leakage

Hermetic: meet EN1751: 1998 standard

Non-Hermetic: meet CB/T3557-1995 standard

Spindle material

Stainless steel

Explosion-proof requirement


Level of protection


Valve body color

Red(standard) or users define


Hermetic: rectangle/rectangle to round

Non-Hermetic: rectangle/round/rectangle to round

Note: Flange size of all fire damper could be fabricatede according to user's requiremnet.
3. Supply scope
1) electrical control box  1 set
2) junction box            1 set
4. Outline drawing

Marine Electric Fire DamperMarine Electric Fire Damper
5. IACS Certificate: CE, KR, CCS, DNV▪GL, LR, BV, ABS

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