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Marine Dish Sterilizer

Marine Dish Sterilizer


  • Completely stainless steel construction
  • Automatic control sterilization
  • Pressure sealed doors to prevent the leakage of heat
  • Large capacity could be disinfected bigger item
  • Double vent, insect-resistant, breath freely


Model Voltage Rating Size Net Weight
HSQ20D 220V-/1P/50-60Hz 0.6kW 410×295×335mm 8.6kg
HSQ80D 220V-/1P/50-60Hz 0.6kW 425×335×875mm 9.4kg
HSQ128 220V-1P-50/60Hz 0.9kW 460×380×1220mm 16kg
HSQ-181 220V-1P-50/60Hz 0.85kW 490×450×790mm 11.5kg
HSQ-11 220V-1P-50/60Hz 2.2kW 600×590×1720mm 86kg
HSA128 220V-1P-50/60Hz 1.0kW 460×380×1220mm 28kg
HSA350 220V-1P-50/60Hz 2.7kW 720×540×1600mm 58kg
HSA181 220V-1P-50/60Hz 0.35kW 490×450×800mm 13kg

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