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Marine Chain Stopper

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Marine Chain Stopper

Marine Chain Stopper

Application: Marine Chain stopper helps to withstand the pulling strength of anchor chain and to protect the windlass from over tension. It can withstand 80% of anchor chain’s minimum breaking load.

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Chain Stopper Material: cast iron, cast steel

Applicable Anchor Chain: Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3 anchor chain.

Process: casting,forging,welding and painting

Certificate: CCS,ABS,LR,NK and etc.

Other kinds of chain stoppers:

1. JIS F2002-1976 cast iron bar type chain stopper;

2. JIS F2015-1987 cast steel bar type chain stopper;

3. JIS F 2016-1987 pawl type chain stopper for Grade 2 and Grade 3 chains;

4. JIS F2023-1976 cast steel bar type chain stopper;

5. JIS F2031 pawl type chain stopper;

6. JIS F2032 roller pawl type chain stopper;

7. JIS F2033 roller bar type chain stopper for Grade 3 chain cable

8. CB*286-84 cast lever chain stopper;

9. GB/T 3844-2000 marine roller lever chain stopper;

10. GB/T178-96 screw type chain stopper;

11. OCIMF Type single point mooring chain stopper;

12. Non-standard chain stopper that we customize it according to customer’s drawing

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Marine Chain Stopper

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