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Marine Anchor

Marine Anchor

Marine Anchor

Application: We have been a marine anchor supplier since 1996. We offer various kinds of anchors, including stockless anchors, stock anchors, HHP anchors, offshore anchors and so on. Our anchors have been approved by ABS, LR, BV, NK, DNV·GL, NK, KR, IRS, CCS Certificate. Good quality, Punctual shipment and Good service will make your business go smooth and  we would be your reliable partner in China.

Anchor Types:

AC-14 HHP Anchors: 56Kg 25000Kg

This is a high holding power type stockless anchor that can be relied upon in a variety of sea bottom conditions. It has a higher efficiency (weight/ holding power) than its predecessor, the stockless anchor, allowing the user to decrease the weight needed.

JIS Stockless Anchor:180kg - 15000kg

Japan stockless anchor is mainly produced by the material ZG200-400 or ZG230-450 based on the Japanese standard JIS F3301-1980. Japan stockless anchors two flukes can engage in the soil simultaneously while working. It has the features of good stability, great adaptability to a large variety of soil and easy collection.

Spek Anchor:210Kg - 20000Kg(Type SR);80Kg - 20000Kg(Type M)

Spek Anchor has two types: Type SR /M. Spek anchor is modified from the Hall anchor, whose core of anchor head is located in the center of the pin center line to the bottom. The structure of Spek anchor is characterized that there is anchor crown plate and reinforcing ribs at the anchor crown. Therefore, the anchor claw is easily to turn to the ground and has better stability. Moreover,when collecting the anchor,its flukes keep naturally upward and overturn immediately when touching the hull plate to avoid damaging the shell plating.

Marine HHP Pool Anchor Type:12Kg - 15400Kg

Pool anchor is divided into Pool N type and Pool TW type. Pool-N anchor is high holding power anchor. While the Pool TW anchor is super high holding power anchor whose coefficient of holding power is 4 times higher than that of the ordinary stockless anchor.

Type A/B/C Hall Anchor:40Kg - 46000Kg

Hall anchor is the first generation of modern standard non-rod anchor. This kind of anchor is easy to make and collect,is with large grasping force and good grip.The type A hall anchor is the most commonly used conventional stockless ship anchor. It is mainly used for bower-anchor. The type A hall anchor's shank is a rectangular column.

AC-14 HHP Stockless Anchor :56Kg - 25000Kg

Marine AC-14 anchor is stockless high holding power anchor that has wide anchor crown, thick and long flukes and longitudinal ribs. AC-14 anchor s heavy weight and high holding power makes it good stability. It is commonly used as main anchor on large container ships, car carriers and supertankers.

Baldt Anchor:200Kg - 5000Kg

Also called Baldt type anchor, Baldt type stockless anchor, Baldt stockless anchor, Baldt marine anchor,etc.The Baldt Stockless Anchor was patented by Frederick Baldt in 1896. Baldt anchor is one of typical stockless anchors. Its structure is similar to JIS Hall anchor, Spek anchor, US Navy anchor, etc.Especially for US Navy anchor, Baldt looks like it very much.

Stainless Steel Folding Anchor:2Kg - 50 Kg

A small anchor with four flukes, and the flukes could be folded. It's easy to collection.It is often used in beach, lake, inland river and shallow sea.Proven superior high holding power capacity.

Bruce Anchor:2Kg - 50Kg

Bruce anchor(also called the claw anchor)is one of the favorite anchors. This anchor is extremely easy to set and has been trusted by boaters for decades.

Claw Anchor:2Kg - 50Kg

The Claw anchor (also called the Bruce anchor) is one of the favorite anchors. This anchor is extremely easy to set and has been trusted by boaters for decades.

Plow Anchor: 2Kg - 50Kg

Consistent and reliable performance have made the plow anchor the new standard in general purpose anchors. It is the choice of sailors everywhere, when they want to be prepared for unknown bottom conditions. Plow style anchors work well in a variety of seabeds including sand, clay, and firm mud. They also perform better than most anchors in grassy and rocky conditions, which can be challenging for any type of anchor.

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