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Inflatable Buoy

Inflatable Buoy


The inflatable buoy, which acts as an important buffer medium, can absorb large amounts of energy, and does not easily break when encountering waves, storms, etc.

Ordinary foam material type floats will absorb water once they are used for long time, and buoyancy will reduced. But this inflatable buoy is different. It’s use the high quality PVC raw material, no toxic, resistance to seawater corrosion, floating on the water surface.


. High energy absorption

. Wear resistant

. Anti- UV

. Not fade even if exposed to the sun for a long time


Model Dia.* L (cm) Weight    (g) Piece Per Carton Carton Size
G0 11*40 500 20 42*31*45
G1 14*50 850 10 52*40*25
G2 16*58 1000 10 58*46*29
G3 21*68 1800 10 69*36*51
G4 25*76 3000 8 70*45*48
G5 40*98 6000 3 96*58*35
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