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High Pressure Marine Air Compressor

High Pressure Marine Air Compressor

High Pressure Marine Air Compressor

Product Description

Marine vertical high pressure water cooled air compressor is specially fit for ships.The type is single-row,vertical,water-cooled,three-stage piston and belt drive type.It has characteristics of a compact structure,small size,light weight,high pressure and easy operation,etc.It can be converted into a automatic control unit form according to the requirements of customers.The displacement capacity of this marine air compressor is 0.27-0.43 m3/min.


HI-SEA high-tech manufacture and excellent service will help minimize customers' operation and maintenance costs to reach the goal of high efficiency,reliability,energy-saving and environmental protection.Please feel free to contact us directly,if you are interested in our products.

1.Single row vertical type,differential piston,three stage compression piston-style.
2.Discharge capacity:0.27-0.43 m3/min.
3.Discharge pressure:6.0-19.6 Mpa.
4.Compact construction,small size,light weight and high pressure.
5.Main used for defense area,starting the main engine of ships and the work of water to breathe.

Main Technical Parameters
Model Pressure stages RPM Capacity Motor Power Cooling Type Dimension
Mpa rpm m³/h Kw mm
HS104-AC101 6.0 2 500 26 11 Water cooled 1170*700*1220
HS104-AC102 15.0 3 730 30 11
HS104-AC103 15.0 4 900 100 45 1800*850*1540
HS104-AC104 20.0 4 1000 84 45
HS104-AC105 25.0 4 970 84 45
HS104-AC106 25.0 4 1170 100 45
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The products approved by BV,ABS,CCS,RINA,DNV-GL,etc.they can be offered along with the marine air compressor.

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