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HTM Series Boat Fender

HTM Series Boat Fender


HTM(hole through middle) series boat fender, made of the PVC raw materials that meets the nations environmental protection requirements. This series fender can hung vertically or horizontally, providing maximum protection in a wide of applications.

The features of this high quality fender are vertical ribs for extra protection, reinforced tube ends, and wall thickness to resistant punctures and tears.

Key Features

. Even wall thickness for maximum strength and durability

. Molded-in ribs for strength and abrasion resistance

. Reinforced tube ends

. Anti-UV, anti-aging

. Non-toxic


Model HTM-1 HTM-2 HTM-3 HTM-4
Size (diameter x length) 16 x 39.4 cm 21.6 x 52.1 cm 26.7 x 68.6 cm 34.3 x 88.4 cm
Eye Diameter 1.6 cm 1.6 cm 1.6 cm 1.6 cm
Circumference 50.3 cm 67.9 cm 83.8 cm 107.8 cm
Volume 6.8 liters 17.8 liters 34.8 liters 59.1 liters
Piece for carton 6 4 4 4
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