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Galvanized Steel Wire Rope

Galvanized Steel Wire Rope


     Galvanized steel wire rope is divided into hot-dip galvanized steel wire rope and electro -galvanized steel wire rope.The galvanized steel wire rope adopts the principle of anode protection to resist corrosion. The corrosion resistance of hot-dip galvanizing is better than that of electro-galvanizing, but from the appearance, the appearance of cold galvanized steel wire rope is brighter and better-looking. In the raw material transport machinery and equipment, for raising, traction belt, taut and bearing purposes.

Detailed Information:

1.Common structure:1×7,1×19,1×37,6×19a) class,6×19b) class,8×19a) class,8×19b) class,etc.

2.Surface treatment: hot galvanized, electro-galvanized

3.Material: carbon steel, etc.

4.DiameterCustomized according to customer needs.

5.Breaking loadCustomized according to customer needs.

6.Galvanized amountelectro galvanized steel wire rope≥750g/m2hot-dip galvanized steel wire rope≤593g/m2

7.Rope diameter0.25 mm--8.0 mm

8.Application: Ship loading and unloading, Salvage operations, offshore oil exploration, Winch ropes, Various general engineering applications, etc.

9.Packaging: Wood disc packaging, ABS shaft packaging, according to customer's specific requirements.

10.Certificate & Standard:


StandardGB8919GB/T 20067, ISO, ASTM, EN, JIS, etc.


1. Greater fatigue strength.

2. Excellent corrosion resistant.

3. Less wear than other materials.

4. Galvanized finish provides good weather resistance.

5. Galvanized coating serves as lubricant to reduce friction.

6. Higher break strength than stainless steel but cheaper than stainless steel wire rope.

7. Remain ductile over long periods of working. Stable in work, not easy to suddenly break the whole wire rope.

8. Easier to inspect for corrosion damage.

Galvanizing Method

1. Electro galvanized:

The coating is obtained by electro deposition through external power supply, and the obtained coating is composed of fine pure zinc crystal grains.

2. Hot dip galvanized:

The coating is formed by physical thermal diffusion. Firstly, an iron-zinc compound is formed, and then a pure zinc layer is formed on the surface of the iron-zinc compound.

Drawing or galvanizing first?

Using the process of first drawing and then galvanizing. First draw the wire rope to the target diameter, and then galvanize. In this case, the content of zinc layer can be controlled. In theory, any amount of zinc layer can be obtained on request.

Galvanizing first and drawing afterwards. The blank material is galvanized first, and then the wire drawing process. In this case, the zinc content of the finished steel wire is less. If it is electric galvanized steel wire rope in the outdoor just a few months may appear rust. If it is hot-dip galvanized steel wire rope, the use of high temperature to form a thick layer of zinc and iron alloy layer on the surface of the steel wire, relative to electric galvanized, rust and corrosion resistance is greatly improved.

Practice has proved that the hot-dip galvanized steel wire produced by the process of galvanizing first and drawing afterwards is superior to the ordinary galvanized steel wire after drawing. It has high strength, good bending and torsion performance, dense and firm coating, and better corrosion resistance than the galvanized steel wire after drawing with the same thickness.

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