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Galvanized Steel Wire Rope

Galvanized Steel Wire Rope


Galvanized steel wire rope is divided into hot-dip galvanized steel wire rope and electro -galvanized steel wire rope.The galvanized steel wire rope adopts the principle of anode protection to resist corrosion. The corrosion resistance of hot-dip galvanizing is better than that of electro-galvanizing, but from the appearance, the appearance of cold galvanized steel wire rope is brighter and better-looking.

It is mainly used for Shipping, offshore oil exploration, etc.


Standard:GB8919,GB/T 20067,GB/T20067,ISO, ASTM, EN, JIS, etc.



2.Light weight

3.Safe and reliable


1.Galvanized amount: electro galvanized steel wire rope≥750g/m2;hot-dip galvanized steel wire rope≤593g/m2

2.Rope diameter:0.25 mm--8.0 mm

3.Common construction:  1×7 ,7×7, 3×7, 1×19,etc.

Galvanizing Method

1. Electro galvanized:

The coating is obtained by electro deposition through external power supply, and the obtained coating is composed of fine pure zinc crystal grains.

2. Hot dip galvanized:

The coating is formed by physical thermal diffusion. Firstly, an iron-zinc compound is formed, and then a pure zinc layer is formed on the surface of the iron-zinc compound.




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