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Magnetic Level Gauge GB2506-89

Magnetic Level Gauge GB2506-89


The Magnetic Level Gauge GB2506-89 refers to a specific type of level gauge that complies with the GB2506-89 standard, which is a Chinese national standard for magnetic level gauges. This standard outlines the specifications and requirements for the design, construction, and performance of magnetic level gauges used in industrial applications.

A magnetic level gauge is a device used to measure the level of liquids or slurries in tanks or vessels. It utilizes the principle of magnetic coupling between a float and an external indicator to provide a visual indication of the fluid level. The float, typically containing a permanent magnet, rises and falls with the liquid level, while the indicator, located outside the tank or vessel, displays the corresponding level.

The GB2506-89 standard specifically defines the technical parameters, materials, dimensions, and manufacturing tolerances for magnetic level gauges. It ensures consistency and quality in the production and application of these gauges in China.

Main Technical Specification:



Indicating accuracy


Nominal length


Medium gravity


Working temperature

1.0 (1.62.5) MPa

Medium temperature


Connection flange

GB2506-89 DN20 PN1.6

Alarm switch

AC220V 2A retaining type ( Option)

Output signal

DC24V 420mA (Optin)


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