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Four-strand Steel Wire Rope

Four-strand Steel Wire Rope


This kind of steel wire rope is braided and twisted by four strands of steel wire. And it is high breaking force, light weight, good toughness, small structure elongation, and good impact resistance.

Certificate & Standard:


StandardGB8919,GB/T 20067, ISO, ASTM, EN, JIS, etc.


1.Common structure:4×19 class,4×37 class

2.Surface treatment: galvanized, bright, oiled, etc. (as requirements)

3.Material: carbon steel, etc.

4.Diameter:Customized according to customer needs.

5.Breaking load:Customized according to customer needs.

6.Application:Port loading and unloading, rigging, truck cranes, rotary drilling rigs, oil field fishing, etc.


High breaking force

Light weight

Good toughness

Small structure elongation

Good impact resistance

Forging Process:

The overall die drawing method,the round strands are subjected to radial extrusion under the die wall during drawing, and are drawn and compressed into a fan-shaped section strand. While the wire rope adopts the interactive twist method, the lay length of the rope is increased and the twist of the strand is reduced. To balance the twisting moment of the rope with the total twisting moment of the strands, so as to achieve the non-rotation of the wire rope.

Picture of four-strand steel wire rope:

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