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Floating Yacht Buoy

Floating Yacht Buoy


A floating yacht buoy is a specially designed device used to secure and moor yachts or boats in a water body. It typically consists of a buoyant structure made of durable materials such as plastic, foam, or inflatable materials. The buoy is designed to be highly buoyant, allowing it to float on the water's surface while supporting the weight of the yacht.
The buoy is usually equipped with a system of ropes, chains, or cables that are attached to the yacht. These attachments provide stability and prevent the yacht from drifting away or being carried by strong currents. The ropes or chains are secured to anchor points on the seabed or to other fixed structures like docks or piers.
Floating yacht buoys come in various sizes and shapes, depending on the weight and size of the yacht they are intended to secure. They can range from small, compact buoys for small boats to larger, more robust buoys capable of handling large yachts or even multiple vessels.
The buoy's design often incorporates features such as a central opening or a loop on the top, which allows for easy attachment and detachment of ropes or chains. Some buoys may also have additional features like built-in fenders or bumpers to protect the yacht's hull from damage caused by contact with the buoy.
These buoys serve as temporary mooring solutions and are commonly used in areas where permanent docking facilities are not available or during short-term stops. They provide a convenient and secure method of anchoring yachts and boats, allowing owners and crew to access the vessel easily while ensuring it remains in place.


This floating yacht buoy is a kind of marine product that provides a mooring buffer and protection for the yacht. The product is filled with compressed air and can float on the water surface. Floating yacht buoy can absorb a large number of impact energy of ship, and greatly improve the safety of the docking of the yacht.

This floating yacht buoy is used the high-quality PVC raw material, which is non-toxic and resistant to seawater corrosion, and meets the national environmental protection requirements.


. High pressure-resistant;

. High wear-resistant;

. No leaking;

. Anti- UV;

. Colors and designs customized are available.

Specifications of F Series Floating Yacht Buoy:










F4015 40x15x2 3.8mm 20 40x40x32
F4018 40x18x2 3.8mm 10 46x50x21
F4211 42x11x1.2 3.8mm 20 70x45x50
F5114 51x14x1.4 3.8mm 10 46x50x21
F6216 62x16x2.2 3.8mm 10 60x43x20
F6222 62x22x1.8 3.8mm 10 70x51x29
F7220 72x20x2.6 3.8mm 10 70x51x29
F7525 75×25×2.5 3.8mm 8 70x51x29
F7628 76x28x2 3.8mm 8 70x51x29
FF7628 76x28x2 3.8mm 8 70x51x29
F9840 98x40x2.7 3.8mm 3 92x48x24
F10424 104x24x3 3.8mm 10 92x48x24
F10435 104*35*3 3.8mm 4 92x48x24
F13538 135*38*3 3.8mm 3 130×49×22
F13555 135*55*3 3.8mm 2 130×49×22
Floating Yacht Buoy Installed on Yacht:

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