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Flame Retardant Fire Hose

Flame Retardant Fire Hose


Flame retardant fire hose refer to common fire hose with fire retardant on the surface or weaving from flame retardant silk. This fire hose can effectively resist the high temperature of the fire site. The inner lining of it is made from PU. It is suitable for places of complex physiognomy with open fire or dark fire. When laying the fire hose, please avoid sudden twists and turns.

Product Superiority:

1. High intensity

2. Thermal insulation

3. Aging resistant

Product Detail:

Model: 16-65-20

Diameter: 65mm

Length: 20m

Working pressure: 1.6Mpa

Burst pressure: 4.8Mpa

Picture of Flame Retardant Fire Hose:

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