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Fiber Glass Steel Grating

Fiber Glass Steel Grating


Fiberglass grating plate can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electronics, power, paper industry, printing and dyeing, electroplating, ocean exploration, sewage treatment and other industries, such as working platforms, equipment platforms, drilling platforms, walkways, etc., which are ideal products in corrosive environment, and also applicable to civil building facilities.This series of products are: crescent, sand surface, biplane, plate grille and so on.

Corrosion resistant: It has excellent corrosion resistance to acid, alkali, organic solvent, salt and many other gas and liquid media. According to the requirements, we can choose to use o-benzene, m-benzene and vinyl resin as matrix material economically.

Light weight, high strength: The density of FRP grille is no more than 2, only 1/4 of steel and 2/3 of aluminum.Its strength is 10 times that of hard polyvinyl chloride, and its absolute strength exceeds that of aluminum and common steel.The service life is over 50 years.

Flame retardant:Common flame retardant grating flame propagation rate (ASTM E-84) does not exceed 25. The flame propagation rate of the advanced flame retardant vinyl grille does not exceed 10.

Security: Excellent electrical insulation, no breakdown at 10KV voltage.No electromagnetism, can be used in magnetic sensitive equipment. The special structure of GFRP grille also has anti-skid and anti-fatigue properties


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