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Ferry Passenger Seat

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Ferry Passenger Seat

1. Basic configurations

armrests, seat cushion and back, backrest angle adjustment, beams and decorative head, chair foot, rails, rail head, rail decorative gasket, and installation accessories.


Backrest Angle Adjustment:



2. Optional configurations

Life-saving pocket, seat number, magazine bag, table board.

Life-saving pocket:

Seat Number:

Magazine Bag:

Table Board:

3. Material

Chair surface: PU wear and fire resistant leather, genuine leather or fabric.

Back cushion: high-density polyester one-time forming high cold foam spring back fire sponge.

Seat beams, chair foot, and armrest: high strength aluminum alloy 6063 oxide.

Rail: high strength aluminum alloy 6061 oxide.

Adornment to beams and rail head: PVC plastic resin material.

Rail decoration gasket: environmental protection rubber material.

4. Size

/uploads/image/20180323/Drawing of Ferry Passenger Chair(Two Seats Per Row).jpg/uploads/image/20180323/Drawing of Ferry Passenger Chair (Three Seats Per Row).jpg

5. IACS Certificate: CCS Type Approval.

Picture of Ferry Passenger Seat

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