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FM200 (HFC-227ea) Fire Extinguisher Filling Machine

FM200 (HFC-227ea) Fire Extinguisher Filling Machine


FM200 (HFC-227ea) fire extinguisher filling machine can fill heptafluoropropane(FM200) extinguishant into fire extinguisher. First, this filling machine will vacuumize the container of fire extinguisher. Then, it will fill FM200 extinguishant into the container. Finally, it will cut off the air supply automatically when the container reaches the set filling weight. So far, our company has 2 types of FM200 filling machine: DGS-DGA02 and MHFC-Ⅱ.

Product Superiority:

1. High extinguishant recycling rate

2. Convenient to use

3. Stable performance

Product Detail:


Driven gas: 3-8Kg compressed air

Pressure ratio: 2:1

Output pressure: 0-1.6MPa


Max pressure: 10MPa

Power: 1.5Kw

Voltage: 220V

Volume: L600 mm×W800 mm×H1200mm

Weight scope: 0~300kg (customized)

Picture 1 of DGS-DGA02:

Picture 2 of DGS-DGA02:

Picture of MHFC-Ⅱ:

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