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FA-DPYC Shipboard Power Cable

FA-DPYC Shipboard Power Cable

For fixed installations on ships and offshore-units in all locations.

FA-DPYC 0.6/1KV:
Flame-Retardant,Double core,EP rubber insulated,PVC sheathed,Steel wire braid Shipboard Power cable.

Cable Construction:
1.Conductor:Stranded tinned annealed copper wires as per JIS C 3410.
2.Insulation:(EPR),Ethylene Propylene Rubber.
3.Cabling:Flame retardant and non-hygroscopic fillers may be used.Suitable tape may be applied on the cabled core.
4.Sheath:(PVC),Polyvinyl Chloride.
5.Armor:Galvanized steel wire braid.Coverage density is minimum 90%.
6.Paint:The white paint shall be painted uniformly on the steel wire braid.
7.Core identification:2 Core:Black,White


Design:JIS C 3410:2010 Flame retardant:IEC 60332-1 & IEC 60332-3 Category A(FA-Type)

Conductor S(D,T) Tinned annealed stranded copper, class 2 according to IEC 60228
Conductor screen
Semi-conducting compound
Insulation P 85°C EPR as per IEC 60092-351
Insulated conductors shall be cabled. Flame retardant & non-hygroscopic fillers may be used
Overall shield S Tinned copper wire braid
Bedding Y PVC as per JIS C 3401
Armor C (CB) Galvanized steel wire braid(-C TYPE) or copper alloy wire braid(-CB TYPE)
Sheath Y PVC as per JIS C 3401
Core identification
1C Black 2C Black, White 3C Black, White, Red
Outer sheath color

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