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Explosion-proof Low Headroom Chain Hoist

Explosion-proof low headroom chain hoist

The Scope of Application:
Suitable for gas and dust hazardous areas, in zones 1 and 2, 21 and 22 hazardous areas

Product Characteristic:

Rugged, compact and lightweight all steel construction adaptable for any environment

Grade 80 calibrated corrosion-resistant load chain

Automatic multi disc brake fully enclosed for better corrosion resistance

Drain holes in block prevent deterioration due to trapped water

Suitable for explosive environments per ATEX Zone 2 standard (ATEX Zone 1 package (optional)

Overload protection device ensures safe operation

Upper and lower limit switches integrated in hoist body provide better protection

Virtually maintenance-free gear-type air motor with minimal moving parts

Variable speed for precision spotting control

Ball bearing mounted bottom hook for easier, smoother turning under load

Photo One of Explosion-proof low headroom chain hoist

Photo Two of Explosion-proof low headroom chain hoist

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