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Engineering Ship Winch

Engineering Ship Winch

Engineering Ship Winch


An engineering ship winch is a type of winch that is designed specifically for use on engineering or maintenance ships. These winches are used to handle various tasks related to the maintenance and repair of ships, offshore structures, and other equipment. Whether it is drvien by hydraulic motor or other driven, The engineering ship winch has excellent explosion-proof function. One of the key features of an engineering ship winch is its flexibility and versatility. These winches can be used for a wide range of tasks, such as lifting and moving heavy equipment, hoisting personnel, or pulling and tensioning cables and ropes. They may also be equipped with multiple drums or cables to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.


Aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel.

Advantages and Features

1. Compact structure, high strength;

2. Excellent performance, exquisite appearance;

3. Corrosion resistance, long lifespan;

4. Reliable service, high security;

5. Easy for installation, inspection and maintenance;

6. Two hydraulic motors;

7. Local control and remote control;

8. With or without warping head;

9. Manual or hydraulic brake and clutch;

10. Can be customized according to your requirements;

11. Certificate: CCS,  BV, LR...

Drawing of Engineering Ship Winch

Main Technical Parameter

Rated Pull Rated Speed Drum Capacity Motor Power
T kN m/min φmm*m kW
0.5 5 ≥12 φ8*100
1 10 ≥12 φ10*150 5.5
2 20 ≥12 φ15*150 11
3 30 ≥12 φ17*150 15
4 40 ≥15 φ8*150 22
5 50 ≥15 φ20.5*180 30
7.5 75 ≥15 φ26*200 45
8 80 ≥15 φ26*200 37
Above specifications only for reference, we can supply various winches according to your requirements.
Finished Picture of Engineering Ship Winch

Installation Picture of Engineering Ship Winch

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