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Electromagnetic Controlled Gyrocompass

Electromagnetic Controlled Gyrocompass

The Scope of Application

It is suitable for oceangoing vessels, naval service vessels and other types of vessels.

Product Characteristic

It is a small type of gyrocompass adopting the technology of electromagnetic control and compensation. The mainly system includes sensor, control and compensation system, azimuth and horizontal follow up system, course transmission system and invertor power. This instrument is compact construction, high accuracy, fast steady and easy operation and maintenance. It can continuously and precisely indicate the ship's heading and determine the azimuth of measured objects.

Product Specification:

life of gyro sphere

more than 10000h

mean time between failures

more than 2000h

settle point error

not exceed ±0.75 º    × sec δ

heading deviation (RMS)

not exceed 0.25 º  × sec δ

repeatability error of settle point headings

not exceed 0.25  º  × sec δ

heading error in straight and uniform sailing

not exceed  ±1 º    × sec δ

error due to rapid alteration of speed of 20 knots

not exceed  ±1.5 º

error due to rapid alteration of course of180º at speed of 20 knots

not exceed  ±2.5 º

rapid setting time

less than 2h

adaptable ship's power supplies

AC 220V(50HZ)

the max.difference of reading between the master compass and repeater

±5 º


torque transmitter,50Hz, (BS404A can be connected)

weight of the master compass

less than 35KG

dimension of master compass

356 × 286 × 400mm

dimension of power supply unit

344 × 474 × 167mm

dimension of transmission unit

336 × 466 × 172mm

Traditional mechanical gyrocompass VS optical fiber compass

Traditional mechanical gyrocompass

The traditional mechanical gyro compass uses the high speed rotation of gyro rotor for north seeking and navigation. High speed rotor stability time is long, easy to heat, wear.

1. Long startup time.

2. High maintenance cost (regular liquid change, ball change, etc.)

3. There are rocking and shock errors. It is not suitable for high speed, high dynamic and high latitude navigation.

4. High volume, power consumption and noise.

5. Inconvenient to carry and install.

Fiber optic compass

The new generation of optical fiber compass is an all-solid state optical and electromechanical integration fiber gyro. It solves the technical problems existing in the traditional mechanical gyrocompass.

1. The comprehensive cost of optical fiber compass is comparable to that of traditional mechanical gyro compass.

2. Low failure rate, small course motion error

Optical fiber compass is maintenance-free.

3. Low power consumption, no noise, small size.

Electromagnetic Controlled Gyrocompass:

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