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Electric heat eye washer

Electric heat eye washer


When the Electric heat eye washer is not activated, the water in the device is in a liquid state due to the heat generated by the electric heating cable wound around the water pipe. This will not cause the water supply in the pipeline to affect the water supply due to low temperature icing, so that the emergency shower eyewash device can supply water normally and start normally. And when the temperature is low, the valve of the key components in the device will not be brittle at low temperature, and will not affect the use effect. It is noted that the electric heating cable is a non-heater and has a certain heating time, so it only plays a role in heating the water in the device when the eye wash device is not activated.


Body Material

SS 304


Stainless steel


ANSI Z 358.1-2014


75.7 L/min

Height (the shower basin from the ground)

2083-2438 mm

Distance(the shower to the obstacle)

406 mm

Water Outlet diameter

508 mm

Eye wash flow

11.4 L/minLasting 15 minutes or more

HeightEye wash head to floor height

838-1143 mm

Inlet and outlet aperture

DN 32

Eyewash outlet height

203 mm

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