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Electric Single Gypsy Anchor Windlass

Electric Single Warping Head Windlass

Electric Single Warping Head Windlass


HI-SAE Marine windlass is ship machinery for anchoring, anchor drop, also used as mooring on boad. According to power type, there are electric windlass, hydraulic windlass and diesel engine windlass. According to the arrangement, there are single gypsy wheel windlass, double gypsy wheels windlass and combined windlass. It can be equipped with warping head.


Cast steel, 316L stainless steel.

Advantages and Features

1. Contract structure, high quality;

2. Local control and remote control;

3. Easy installation, low maintenance;

4. Corrosion resistance, long lifespan;

5. Excellent operation, exquisite appearance;

6. Low power consumption, high efficiency;

7. Reliable service, high security;

8. Can be customized accorfing to your requirements.

Main Specification

1. Chain cable diameter: 19mm to 73mm

2. Nominal pull: 15.3kN to 226.5kN

3. Anchor depth: 82.5m

4. Nominal drum load: 15kN to 160kN

5. wire rope diameter: 13mm to 32mm

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