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Duct Fan

Duct Fan

1. Foreword:

The marine inline duct fan or simply the duct fan is capable of blowing air, ocean air containing salt vapour, and corrosive air containing a small quantity of oil vapour.

They are suitable for cabin air ventilation and exchange on oceangoing vessels.

They are also applicable in other places that suit.

2. Characteristics:

New design: Double seal ring design make fans lower sound level, higher capacity and pressure.

Overheat protection: Motor has integral thermal contacts with automatic reset make the fans more safe.

Moisture resistance: The casing are manufactured from high galvanized steel sheetsI and coating allowing in moist and humid environment installation.

Speed-controllable: The fan can be speed-controlled via a stepless according to actual requirement.

Easy installation: Circular duct connection with a special bracket and clamper, make the fans easy installation.

3. Structure Type:

The marine inline circular duct fans width application in Building/Ship/Hotel/Office/Home or as a long relay duct fans.

4. Product Showing:

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