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Dredger Marine Engine Genset

Dredger Marine Engine Genset

Dredger Marine Engine Genset

Dredger's function is an excavation activity usually carried out underwater,in shallow seas or freshwater areas.dredging need engine power to supply it.Marine generator sets offer the main and standby power for dredgers.
Dredgers are specialized vessels used for excavating and removing sediment and other material from the bottom of bodies of water. The power requirements for dredgers vary depending on the size and type of vessel, but typically require high-power diesel engine generator sets to provide the necessary electrical power for the dredging operations.
Marine engine gensets used in dredgers are designed to be durable and reliable, capable of withstanding the harsh conditions and heavy workloads associated with dredging operations. They are typically powered by large diesel engines and are designed to operate efficiently on a range of fuel types, including diesel, heavy fuel oil, and natural gas.

1.Alternator brand:Marathon alternator,Sunvim,Stamford,Siemens alternator,etc.
2.Engine brand:CUMMINS Series,HND-MWM Series,YUCHAI Series,WEICHAI Series,SHANGCHAI Series,DEUTZ Series,VOLVO Series,etc.
3.Elecrtic starting or air starting.
4.Warranty time:12 months or 1000 hours.
5.High quality pre-sales and after-sales.

1.Environmental friendly system
2.High combustion efficiency
3.Low emission
4.Compact structure

Main techincal of Marine Genset
Rated Speed 1500RPM/1800RPM
Power Range 30~1000KW
Frequency 50HZ/60HZ
Vaoltage 400V/440V
Cyl. 2~12

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