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Diesel Mooring Winch

Diesel Mooring Winch

Diesel Mooring Winch

The diesel mooring winch is mainly used in outdoor places without power supply. So users don't need take a generator. And the power of a diesel mooring winch is driven by diesel engine. It is a ideal product for pulling and lifting work.

The diesel mooring winch has compact structure, beautiful shape and single drum speed regulation. The reducer is connected to the reel with a tooth type connection, and the gear shaft is meshed with the inner ring. The structure has a good mood and strong overload. Modifications can be made to suit your specific requirements.

Main Technical Parameter

Rated load Rated speed Rope capacity Rope diameter Power Dimension Weight
kN m/min m mm kW mm kg
20 30 150 Φ13 15 1370×1650×1211 1200
30 30 200 Φ15 22 1690×1740×1200 1800
50 30 250 Φ21 37 2300×2100×1650 3000
60 36 250 Φ24 45 2350×2100×1650 3200
80 29 250 Φ26 55 2440×2500×1800 5500
100 29 250 Φ28 75 2590×2540×1800 5800
The products approved by CCS,RINA,BV,ABS,NK,etc.

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