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DN850 Dredge Ball Joint

DN850 Dredge Ball Joint

DN850 Dredge Ball Joint

The dredge ball joint is a flexible coupling between two pipes used to transport water and sand mixture.It can be used in swan-neck bends in suction and discharge pipelines. It includes 15 degree dredge ball joint and 18 dredge ball joint.

1.Long service life
2.Easy to operate, high quality.
3.Professional pre-sale and after-sale.

Drawing Of Product

Technical Parameters
15 Degrees Tilting Angle
Working Pressure 10bar 20bar
Ball Joint I.D.(mm) Pipe I.D.(mm) Height(mm) Weight(kg) Height(mm) Weight(kg)
904 850 852 1666 1022 1787
The dredge ball joints can be customized,according to your requirements.

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