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Bulwark Mounted Marine Chock

Bulwark Mounted Marine Chock

Bulwark Mounted Marine Chock

Application: Bulwark-Mounted Chock is a kind of closed chock, installed on the bulwark to limit the cable’s position. The simple but highly effective design allows mooring ropes to pass through the chock to the bollard below whilst significantly reducing the abrasion on the rope itself, therefore prolong it's service life. Cast from high quality steel, the chocks can be supplied with primed paint to protect it from harsh weather environments. Hi-Sea Marine provides a wide range of bulwark chocks in a variety of sizes to suit your particular needs. If you need bulwark mounted chock, welcome to contact us.
Model Type: Bulwark Mounted Marine Chock
Material: Casting Steel
Standard: ISO13729 Type B, GB11586-89 Type BC, DIN81915 Type A, JIS F2007-76, etc.
Certificates: ABS, BV, CCS,DNV·GL, LR, NK, KR, RINA
Photo of Bulwark Mounted Chock:

CB34-76 Marine Chock Type A

CB34-76 Marine Chock Type A

GB11586-89 Panama Chock

GB11586 -89 Panama Chock

JIS F 2005-1975 closed chock

JIS F 2005-1975 Closed Chock

JISF 2007-1976 Marine Chock

JIS F 2007-1976 Marine chock

Drawing of Bulwark Mounted Marine Chock:

Bulwark Mounted Chock






L L2 L3 H2 H3
310 310 734 652 684 462 476
360 360 788 704 688 464 305
400 400 832 750 692 470 344
450 450 886 802 696 474 385
500 500 940 854 700 478 422

Chock in Factory:

Marine Chock

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