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Brass Explosion-proof Switch

Brass Explosion-proof Switch

The Scope of Application:

Applicable to all kinds of ships, offshore oil, chemical and other places for electrical connection, circuit switching

Product Characteristic:

Compact structure and good reliability

Strong analytical and anti-interference ability, high precision

Small size and light weight

With protection function, it can automatically cut off the power when there is overload, short circuit, phase failure or leakage in the circuit

long life

Production Application:

This series of products have passed the Examination of National Explosion proof Electrical Test Center, and was approved by CCS

Product Detail

Protection ClassIP56

Adopt Standard IEC60079

Explosion-proof mark Exde II CT6

Voltage/Current 380V/16A

Drawing of Brass Explosion-proof Switch dCHH202-2:

Drawing of Brass Explosion-proof Switch dCHH202-3:

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