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A Type Marine Air Receiver Tank

A Type Vertical Marine Air Receiver Tank

A Type Marine Air Receiver Tank

The product used to store compressed air,which supply start-up or air whistle for main engine and auxiliary engine.A-style vertical is made up of bottle valve and steel body,body has handhole(or manhole)for easy wash and examination,and bottle valve set up inlet valve,outlet valve,safety valve,pressure gauge and pressure gauge valve,drain valve,etc.

1.Excellent sealing property.The tank is sealed device,no touching to make sure the water quality is not polluted.
2.Long life span.The rubber diaphragm can unfoleded more than 200 thousands times.Once filling air can use for a long time.
3.Safety.The diaphragm is food grade natural rubber,can used in the drinking system.

Technical Data
Technical Data
Model Capacity Design Pressure Work Pressure Design Temperature Internal Diameter Height Weight
m³/h mpa Mpa mm mm kg
A0.05-1.0 0.05 1.1 1.0 100 350 910 64
A0.10-1.0 0.10 1.1 1.0 100 400 1280 82
A0.16-1.0 0.16 1.1 1.0 100 400 1650 110
A0.25-1.0 0.25 1.1 1.0 100 500 1660 177
A0.40-1.0 0.40 1.1 1.0 100 600 1950 236

The products approved by BV,ABS,CCS,RINA,DNV-GL,etc.They can be offered along with the marine air receiver tanks.

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