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64kW Marine Engine Generator Set

64kW Marine Generator set

64kW Marine Engine Generator set

1.The 64kW Marine Generator set applies to rivers,lakes,and small and medium-sized yacht,passenger ship,container vessel,bulk cargo ship,ocean fishery and ship transport,as the main power and emergency power.
2.There are high-speed,medium-speed,low-speed marine generator set.The 64kW marine generator set belongs to medium-speed .It is the good choice for some small vessel to provide the power.
3.The power range covers over from 20kW to 1200kW to meet all kinds of domestic customer and foreign customers.

1.Marine generator set brand:CUMMINS Series,HND-MWM Series,YUCHAI Series,WEICHAI Series,SHANGCHAI Series,BAUDOUIN Series,etc.
2.Alternator brand:Stanford Alternator,Marathon,Sunvim,Siemens Alternator are optional.
3.High quality,personalized products and promt,attetive,professional pre-sale and after-sale.

Main technical data of Genset
Model Rated Output Frequency Voltage Speed
kW/kVA Hz V rpm
CCFJ64J 64/80 50/60 400/440 1500/1800

Products In Factory 64kw marine generator set The cleaner prepare to do the last clearning

Standards And Certificates
The products have been authorized by CE and Quality Management System Of ISO9001:2008.We got the approval of BV,ABS,CCS,etc.

bv,abs,ccs certificates

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