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300kW Industrial Generating Set

300kW Industrial Generating Set

300kW Industrial Generating Set

The industrial generator set can meet all the demands for electricity of mines,factories,roads,railway,construction,mobile communications,oil field operations,hotels,restaurants,ports,and other fields of different customers,and the needs of different voltage and frequency
requirements as well.

1.Engine brand:CUMMINS,PERKINS,WEI CHAI,SHANG CHAI,YU CHAI, JOHN DEERE,VOLVO,HND-MWM,TBG of natural gas,XBC of water pump,etc.
2.Alternator brand:Marathon,Stanford,Sunvim,Siemens,Kang Fu,etc.
3.High quality,personalized products and promt,attetive,professional pre-sale and after-sale.
4.As required,the industrial genset can be customized.

Technical Parameter
Main technical data of Genset
Model Rated Output Frequency Voltage Speed
kW/kVA Hz V rpm
HS300GF 300/375 50/60 400/440 1500/1800
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