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2W.W Twin Screw Cargo Pump

2W.W Twin Screw Cargo Pump


On the base of deeply researching overseas advanced technique. According to the present-day practical demands of gas-oil mixed transporting, 2W.WH type outboard bearing double suction dual screw multi-phase mixed transporting pump and 2W.W series double screw pump are researched and developed by our company. Then we follow the regulations of the national standard GB1103598 and produced it.Through engagement together between driving screw and driven screw and the match between screw and pump body hole, and then form many sealing empty cavities. When the screw is rotational,these sealing empty cavities move ahead continually,push the liquid in the sealing cavity to the exit and then discharged, so the purpose of transporting the liquid can be realized.

Structural Characteristic

This kind of pump adopt double-suction structure, both ends of screw are in the same of pressure cavity, axial force can be balanced automatically. The bearing of both ends adopt external installing, and being lubricated alone by using lubricate, so it won't be influenced by the medium. A couple of synchronous gears are used to drive the screws, so the screw surface can't touch at all, and there is a tiny clearance between the two screws. The impinty in the medium can not fray the screw surface directly ( except scour).

Except some less discharge pumps ( below the 2w.w 4.0 )generally, internal safety valve will be installed on the pump body, when the discharge pressure is over the rated they would protect the function.there are two entrance - exit directions, one is horizontally enter and horizontally exit; the other is horizontally enter and vertically upwards exit; the user can choose according to their own demands.

The Advantages of The Twin-screw Cargo Pump

1.  the transmission fluid smooth, pulseless, without stirring, vibration, low noise.
2, It has a strong self-priming performance, when multiphase, gas rate is not higher than 80%, the sediment concentration of not more than 500g / m3.
3, External bearing structure, with independent lubrication, can transport all kinds of non-lubricating medium.
4, Using synchronous gear drive, no contact between the two rotors, even for a short spin it anyway.
5, The pump with a heating jacket, can transport all kinds of clean or contain a low viscosity or high viscosity medium solid small particles (typically particle diameter of less than 0.12-0.2mm)
6, The correct choice of materials can even convey a lot of corrosive media.
7, Double-suction structure, no axial force on the rotor.
8, Shaft mechanical seal or bellows mechanical seal, with a long life, low leakage, wide range of features.

Structural Specification

Structural Specification of 2W.W Pump

Performance Scope

The highest pressure: 4.0MPa
Capacity range: 1~1000 m3/h
Temperature range: -20~120℃
The viscosity of the medium: 1~3000 mm2/s (when lower the speed of the rotation it can be up to 106mm2/s)

The viscosity of the medium will largely influence the twin screw pump. The nominal discharge of the pump means the discharge under the certain viscosity condition, in order to ensure the pump to work oil the high efficiency working condition , when the test is not enough, wee suggest to select the speed of the rotation according to the following viscosity.

The viscosity of the medium Speed cSt r/min
<400    1500
400~1200    1000
1200~3600     750
When the viscosity of the medium is higher, the customer should contact with the manufacturer for the speed of rotation and motor power.

Application Example

Oil field: Used as the multi-phase mixed transporting pump and crude oil transporting pump and the like which can transport oil, gas, water, tiny solid particular.
Ship building: Using as marine loading pump, ballast pump and sewage treatment pump, main machine lubricating pump and fuel oil pump.
Petrochemical industry: Using as loading and transporting pump which can transport all kinds of resin, pigment, paraffin wax paint, printing ink emulsoid, all kinds of oil crude oil, heavy oil and the like.
Power plant: Using as heavy oil, crude oil transporting pump, main machine lubricating pump.
Food industry: Using as transporting pump which can transport alcohol, honey, syrup, juice, fixed oil,milk and slurry oil.

Performance Parameter

Structural Specification of 2W.W

The Picture of 2 W.W Twin Screw Cargo Pump

The Picture of 2 W.W Twin Screw Pump

The Picture of 2 W.W Twin Screw Pump

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