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200kW Industrial Generator Set

200kW Industrial Generator Set

200kW Industrial Generator Set

1.The industrial generator set is widely used in mines,factories,roads,railway,contruction,mobile communications,operations,hotels,restaurants,ports,and other fields covering a wide range of power,with excellent stability,reliability,durability and long-life span.
2.Engine brand:CUMMINS,PERKINS,WEI CHAI,SHANG CHAI,YU CHAI, JOHN DEERE,VOLVO,HND-MWM,TBG of natural gas,XBC of water pump,etc.
3.Alternator brand:Marathon,Stanford,Sunvim,Siemens,Kang Fu,etc.

1.Light weight,power large,strong torque.
2.Insulation classification:H.
3.Low fuel consumption,easy maintenance.
4.As required,the industrial genset can be customized.

Technical Parameter

Main technical data of Genset
Model Rated Output Frequency Voltage Speed
kW/kVA Hz V rpm
HS200GF 200/250 50/60 400/440 1500/1800

200kw industrial generator set

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