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16mm Electric Anchor Capstan

16mm Electric Anchor Capstan


16mm Electric Anchor Capstan is a capstan with a gypsy wheel and is used for mooring and anchoring. The electric anchor capstan can be delivered with a one, two or three speed electric motor. Electric anchor capstans are equipped with a manual or hydraulic brake with the brake fitted to the gearbox. A 16mm electric anchor capstan is a specific type of capstan that is designed for anchoring operations on small to medium-sized boats and vessels. The "16mm" refers to the diameter of the rope or cable that the capstan can handle. A 16mm electric anchor capstan is ideal for anchoring operations on small to medium-sized boats, such as fishing boats, pleasure crafts, and yachts. It can be used to haul in or pay out the anchor line, providing a secure and reliable means of anchoring in a variety of conditions.


316L stainless steel.

Advantages and Features

1. Compact structure, high strength;

2. Local control and remote control;

3. Reliable service, high security;

4. Corrosion resistance, long lifespan;

5. Easy installation, easy maintenance;

6. With gypsy wheel;

7. Manual or hydraulic brake and clutch;

8. Structure: Vertical;

9. Can be customized according to your requirements;

10. Approved by BV, LR...

Drawing of 16mm Electric Anchor Capstan

Main Specifications

Chain diameter Anchor speed Chain working load Overload pull Supporting load Mooring load Mooring speed Wire diameter
mm ≥m/min KN KN KN KN ≥m/min mm
16 12 10.9 16.4 67.5 5 15 9.3
Finished Image of 16mm Electric Anchor Capstan

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