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1500L KYDR Oil Purifier Unit

1500L KYDR Oil Purifier Unit

Brief Description

The marine disc oil separator uses the principle of different density in the mixed liquid and different settling speeds in the centrifugal force field to achieve the purpose of separating and stratifying or allowing the solid particles in the liquid to settle.

Marine disc oil separators are mainly used to remove water and magazines from the fuel and lubricating oil of marine diesel engines and other equipment to reduce the wear of mechanical equipment and extend the life of mechanical equipment. The heavy diesel oil separated by the oil separator can be used instead of light diesel oil, thereby greatly reducing production costs. It can also be used to purify and clarify mineral oil and similar materials in the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

Technical Specifications

Bowl rotary speed 6930~7750/min
Speed meer rotary speed 79~83r/min(50Hz) 95~102r/min(60Hz) 95~102/min(60Hz)
Single chamber in bowl 1.2L
starting time ≤3min
Stop time(application of brake) ~2min
Motor type Y100L1-4-Ⅱ B5
Motor power 2.2KW
Dirty oil suction intensity ≥0.04MPa
Cleaning oil pump outlet pressure ≥0.2MPa
Overall dimensions (L*W*H)
With AC marine motor 882*530*783
With DC marine motor 1017*530*783
Working Principle

The liquids and solids, where are interactive interactive indissoluble and with different densities, will be separated and sediment in the centrifuge and gravity force Fields.

The separations that occur in the gravity field are called gravity separation and sedimentation; in the centrifuge field called centrifugal separation and sedimentation.

The indissoluble liquids and solids with different densities will be separated and sediment slowly by the gravity in the gravitational fields. The solid particles freely settle down to the bottom because of heavier gravity and the lighter liquid float up, so the separation and sedimentation take place. This gravity separation and sedimentation need a long time and cover a large area.

Centrifuge Separation

The indissoluble liquids and solids with different densities will be separated while they are rotated at a high speed in the bowl, where the particles with heavier density move to the inside wall of bowl body, the lighter liquid toward the center of the bowl. Because the centrifugal force generated in the centrifugal fields in much larger than the gravity force, it takes only very short time foe the centrifuge separation to achieve the same separation efficiency in the gravity fields. Especially the gravity separation can not be available, the best method is centrifuge separation.

Separation methods

As per the requirements of application and the bowl functions, there are 2 methods of separation of both purification and clarification.


Purification method is to separate the mixture liquid into phase of liquid-solid, the liquid is the continuous phase. There is an inlet and two outlets on the separator machine.


Clarification method is to separate the mixture liquid into two phase of liquid-liquid or liquid- liquid-solid. The light phase liquid is the continuous phase. There is an inlet and two outlets on separator machine.

IACS Certificate Options: BV, CCS.

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