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150 m³ Ballat Water Management System

150 m³ Ballat Water Management System


BWMS is a key international measurement for environmental protection that aims to stop the spread of potential invasive aquatic species in ships' ballast water enters into force. Being a relatively more mature disinfection technology, compared to other disinfection technologies, ultraviolet disinfection does not produce active substances, does not pose an occupational hazard to crew, more economical and environmentally friendly.

150 m³ Ballast Water Management System Graphic Model

System Specifications

Model BSKY300
Method Prefilters,Ultraviolet
Power Supply AC440v 3phase 60Hz,AC220V Single phase 60Hz
Ballast pump capacity 150m³/h
Rated Treat capacity 150m³/h
Power Consumption 32.6KW
Operating Temperature 0~55℃
US prefilter&UV module -25~55℃
Sea water Temperature Less than 40℃
Ballasting Pressure Loss 0.04≤PL≤0.062MPa
Deballasting Pressure Loss PL≤0.01MPa

Scope of Supply

No. Description Components Maker
Q’TY Remark
1 BSKY300
Skid Mount
Hydrocyclone 2ea SUS316L&
US prefilter 1ea SUS316L&
UV Module 1ea SUS316L&
Drain pump 1ea
Local ControlPanel 1ea Epoxy coated
Remote ControlPanel 1ea
ControlRack 1ea
Control Valve
(Main Line)
Solenoid Valve (Drain &AirventLine) 3ea
Y-TypeStrainer 2ea
Flow Meter 1ea
Sampling Port 1ea Galvanized steel pipe
2 BWMS Inlet/Outlet Manual Valve from/to Ship’smain, BWMS by pass valve 5ea BWMS Supply by pass valve signal to BWMS
3 Maker’s Standard Spare Parts 1lot Refer to spare parts list
4 All Power, Interface Cable and its Accessories 1lot
5 Manuals 1lot
6 Installation 1lot
7 Commissioning 1lot

System Operating Principles

In the ballast process of the ship, the ballast water enters the ballast water management system from the ballast pump through the filter, then is treated by the UV(Ultraviolet) reactor, and then enters the ballast tank. Through the filter; large inorganic particles, most zooplankton and phytoplankton will be removed to ensure the effectiveness of downstream UV disinfection. Ultraviolet irradiation at 200-280nm wavelength in UV reactor can cause damage to cells and realize disinfection of residual plankton, bacteria and viruses in ballast water.

During de-ballasting, the ballast water is directly pumped into the UV reactor; by passing the Filter for secondary disinfection treatment before discharge.

IACS Certificate Options: BV, CCS, NK, DNV, GL, IRS, ABS, LR, RMRS, RINA

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