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120m³ Tank Cleaning Heater

120m³ Tank Cleaning Heater

Basic Information

The tank washing heat exchanger is designed with straight tubes in Cu/Ni 70/30 noble alloy material which  provides the advantages of a very durable product that is resistant to seawater corrosion and eliminates the need for sacrificial anodes.The externally sealed, floating head tube sheet compensates for thermal expansion.

The tank washing heat exchanger is designed for horizontal installation and an operating pressure of 16 bar(g). The use of precious aluminum bronze material for tube sheets and water boxes and the straight tube design means that the heat exchanger will require very little service.

Technical Specifications

Design pressure: 16 bar(g)

Design temperature: 204/100°C

Flanges: JIS-16K/EN1092-1 PN16

Mounting style: Horizontally

Type Tank cleaning heater-seawater
Design Straight-tubes
Capacity 0~120m³/h
Design Pressure 16 bar(g)
Installation Horizontal Vertical
Materials T: CuNi 70/10 alloy S: Carbon steel
T: Tubes; S: Shell

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