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120 Persons Marine Sewage Processor

120 Persons Marine Sewage Processor

Brief Introduction of 120 Persons Marine Sewage Processor

The ship's domestic sewage processor is a specific treatment device installed on the ship to prevent the domestic sewage generated by the ship from polluting the navigation waters. The method of combining catalytic oxidation, the MBR membrane biological treatment and physical disinfection sterilization is adopted in the domestic sewage treatment device; it treats the domestic sewage of kitchens, W.C., and base room from ship. Since filler is set in the aeration chamber, the chlorine adding sterilization is adopted.

Drawing & Specifications

No. Parts Material
1 Base Q235-B
2 Crushing pump Assembly
3 Crushing pump outlet piping 20#
4 Vacuum pump Vacuum pump
5 Cock Brass
6 Vacuum pump outlet piping Assembly
7 UV Assembly
8 Electric control box Assembly
9 Nameplate Q235-B
10 UV control box Assembly
11 Notification Q235-B
12 Sediment tank piping Assembly
13 handhole cover palte Q235-B
14 Electrode Assembly
15 Gasket rubber
16 Observation window polycarbonate
17 Observation cover plate Q235-B
18 M8*40 Bolts Q235-B
19 Gasket Q235-B
20 Membrane tank cover palte Q235-B
21 M10*40 Bolt Q235-B
22 M10Nut Q235-B
23 Gasket Q235-B
24 Crushing pump inlet pipe group Assembly
25 Vacuum pump inlet piping Assembly
26 Tank Assembly
27 Gas collecting chamber cover plate Q235-B
28 Aeration pipe Assembly
29 Air pump Assembly
30 medical inlet Assembly
31 Sludge return pipe Assembly

Marine Black Water Treatment Plant
Load Average load 9100
Peak load 1138
Organic load 4.55
Rated capacity
Max capacity(men) 130
Electricity AC 380V/50Hz/3φ, AC 415V/50Hz/3φ, AC 440, 60Hz/3φ, etc.
Power (kW) 4
External dimension (mm)
Weight Dry weight(kg) 2300
Wet weight(kg) 9166
Effluent standard BOD5≤25 Qi/Qe mg/L, COD≤125Qi/Qe mg/L, TSS≤35 Qi/Qe mg/L, coliform≤100/100ml, PH6~8.5, CL2≤0.5mg/L

IACS Certificate Options: BV, CCS, NK, DNV, GL, IRS, ABS, LR, RMRS, RINA

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