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110kW Marine Genset

110kW Marine Genset

110kW Marine Genset

A 110kW marine genset is a type of marine generator that is capable of producing 110 kilowatts of electrical power. These generator sets are commonly used on larger vessels such as commercial ships, yachts, and offshore platforms. Overall, a 110kW marine genset provides reliable and efficient power for larger marine applications. It is designed to operate in harsh marine environments and can provide power for extended periods of time. With the added feature of remote monitoring and an automatic start/stop system, it provides a level of convenience and safety for the vessel's electrical system.
1.Insulation classification:H.
2.High quality,professional pre-sales and after-sales.
3.EIAPP (Nox) certificates.
Technical parameter
Main technical data of Genset
Model Rated Output Frequency Voltage Speed
kW/kVA Hz V rpm
CCFJ110J 110/137 50/60 400/440 1500/1800
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110kw marine genset

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