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1000 m³ Ballast Water System

1000 m³ Ballast Water System

Brief Introduction

This type of BWMS is modular design, flexible layout, and small maintenance space required; no more breeding of organisms in the ballast tank, suitable for Long and short voyage; nitrogen feeding and de-oxygenation can effectively delay bulkhead corrosion; membrane separation technology reduces sediments in ballast tanks; energy consumption is only 1/3 of other treatment systems, which is the lowest in the world, and no limitation on salinity , temperature, turbidity, and etc.

Treatment Technology

Type TRC (m3/h) Configuration power (kW) Salinity Water temperature Ambient temperature Compressed air pressure Flow rate
NB-1000 1000 21.2 No limitation No limitation 0~55℃ 0.7MPa No limitation
Mechanical filtration - high pressure back flush to ensure flux;

Membrane separation - reducing sediments and delaying cleaning;

Nitrogen feeding and de-oxygenation - kill organisms and prevent corrosion.


1.Filter Units

It is used to remove organisms and solid particles greater than 50μm, and carry out High pressure and suction back flushing of the filter core under differential pressure or timer.

2.Membrane Separation unit

It is used to remove organisms and solid particles greater than10μm, and performing gas-water mixture back flush on the membrane elements under the control of differential pressure or timer.

3.Nitrogen Generator

The nitrogen generator uses air as the material and uses molecular sieves to selectively adsorb nitrogen and oxygen.

4.Control Unit

It has Automatic and manual control system operation, used to monitor the operation status of the system and record system operation information.

Treatment Flow

IACS Certificate Options: BV, CCS, NK, DNV. GL, IRS, ABS, LR, RMRS, RINA

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