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10 persons Wastewater Treatment Plant

10 persons Wastewater Treatment Plant

10 persons Wastewater Treatment Plant

1. 10 persons Wastewater Treatment Plant General:

    The marine wastewater processor belongs to the key device for prevention of pollution for ships in seas and oceans according to the revised Annex IV of the International Convention of the Prevention of Pollution (MARPOL 73/78).

    This device is according to the MEPC.227(64) resolution enacted on 5th, October, 2012. Which only used to the "black water" from toilet fecal sewage. In the treating process, to add any dilution water, gray water (from washing room), and sea water are forbidden. This device is also not suit for the passenger vessels which on the Baltic Sea. This device is regardless of the total nitrogen and total phosphorus performance index requirements.

    This device is apply to install on the below vessels later 1st, January, 2016:

    (1) All areas of the vessel (expect passenger vessel);

    (2) The passenger vessel beyond of the Annex IV of the International Convention of the Prevention of Pollution (MARPOL 73/78 ).

2. 10 persons Wastewater Treatment Plant Main Spare Parts:

(1) Air Pump

     Air pump is used for transporting air to the plant. The plant is equipped with two kinds of air pump, they are main air pump and lifting air pump. They have the same structure but different functions. The main air pump is used to aerate to aeration tank and contact oxidation tank. The lifting air pump is used to lift the sludge in membrane tank and setting tank to aeration tank and to aerate to membrane tank.

(2) Cutting and Discharge Pump

     Cutting and discharge pump is the open impeller centrifugal pump, the sewage is cut and macerated by cutting pump to recycle or discharge it to overboard at the emergency time. The sewage in all tanks can be discharged empty, so long as open the corresponding bottom valves.

(3) Selfpriming Pump

     Self-priming pump is a centrifugal pump with stronger ability of self-suction, but it is better to keep some water in the pipes to avoid the problem for restarting. It can create a certain difference pressure and make the water permeate the membrane.

(4) Ultraviolet Ray Sterilizer

     The disinfection principle of ultraviolet ray sterilization is to adopt appropriate length of UV wave to damage the molecular structure of the DNA or RNA of organism cell. It causes the deaths of growing cell and regenerative cells and makes content of coil form in effluent meet the requirement of discharge standard.

(5) Electric Control Box

     The electric box is provided with the function of electric operation, protection and procedure control for the equipment.

3. 10 persons Wastewater Treatment Plant General Drawing:

4. Class Certificate Supply: CCS

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