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1.0 ㎡ Detachable Plate Heat Exchanger

1.0㎡ Detachable Plate Heat Exchanger

Basic Information

The BR1.0 type plate heat exchanger is mainly composed of stainless steel pressed heat transfer fins, sealing rubber gaskets, clamping bolts and compression plate complete machine frame. It is resistant to various corrosive media. The heat transfer efficiency is high, and the cold and heat medium flows through the respective channels through the adjacent plates to exchange heat.

Due to the herringbone corrugations on the plates, the medium flow forms turbulence, so higher heat transfer efficiency is obtained. High efficiency and energy saving, high heat transfer coefficient. Its heat transfer coefficient can reach 3000-4500kcal/m2.゜C.h. It is more than 3 times that of shell-and-tube heat exchangers at the same flow rate. It is safe and reliable to use, compact in structure, small in size, and small in area. It is about one-fifth of the shell-and-tube heat exchanger with the same heat exchange area.

Technical Specifications

Monolithic heat transfer area ㎡ 1 Flange: Dn mm 250
Plate spacing mm 4.8 working temperature ℃ ≤180
Cross-sectional area of single flow channel ㎡ 0.0286 Working Pressure MPa 0.6,1,1.6
Max.processing capacity m³/h 450 Angle hole diameter mm 250
Plate material ss304,316,316L Corrugation height 4.1

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